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  1. Many good buildings including a mighty fine pool elevator!
  2. Much to see here, one of the best.
  3. A neat Church and a spectacular old water tower trains used to use. Church Photo by Lila Cugini
  4. Not a real ghost town, but this place has plenty of neat buildings to photograph.
  5. This adorable little town has many buildings to photograph and is so easy to get it.
  6. Another place that does not have much to photograph, but it is appealing if you like creepy scenes.
  7. Not much to photograph. But if you enjoy creepy scenes, this place is amazing.
  8. A cute little town with many historical buildings to photograph
  9. This mostly ghost town has lots of neat buildings to photograph!
  10. Plenty of nice buildings but I would stay out of the hotel as it is not stable. Very dangerous!
  11. Please note: Tresspassing in this town is prohibited. The owners do not want people to enter these buildings. Otherwise it is still a great town to photograph respectfully and without causing headaches for property owners. I first visited in 2003, things have changed a bit but it still is neat place!
  12. Just a few buildings are left, but worth checking out.
  13. A neat little town that seems to be in the process of being gobbled up by a swamp! Photo by Chris Attrell
  14. A handful of neat buildings and a Church up the road. This town in in the woods which makes it so neat and interesting.
  15. Church and house and 2 amazing grain elevators is mostly what is left.