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  1. Thank you. Hope to get out some more, and get some other shots. Any suggestions or more critiques on the rest of my photos are greatly appreciated.
  2. Quick little hello from me. New to photography, but have always had an interest in it. I also "model" as well and may ask my photographer friend to join here to if she is interested. looking forward to learning more about this fine art, and really enjoy all the photos in the gallery so far. if anyone wants to chat or learn more about me, shoot me a message
  3. Another star picture from by my house taken at the beginning of October Nikon D5000
  4. October 7th, 2015 Climax at Dusk Nikon D5000 Manual mode Editted in Windows 10 photo gallery
  5. Big Dipper in Climax, just after the sun went down Nikon D5000
  6. Milky Way Climax, SK at about 10pm Nikon D5000 Edited on Windows 10
  7. A picture of my son's toy hedgehog on his playmat