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Found 17 results

  1. Sorry Chris, when I switched computers back in January I lost track of this website... Here's a quick street photo, but can't hang out for long tonight...
  2. A rather "western" New Year's Eve, at least for one person... In his duster and cowboy hat... His son told me that he wears this outfit quite honestly...
  3. A snowy night in Calgary, in the Kensington shopping district...
  4. I talked to Steve briefly at the downtown cenotaph, as he reflected and meditated on the day, long after the big crowds had left... And then just stood up and left immediately...
  5. Doug posing with his 1960 Chevrolet, just happened upon a friend's impromptu photoshoot one day back in 2010...

    © James Tworow

  6. An interesting street encounter from back in 2008... As I walked up Stephen Avenue I saw a fairly large crowd of folks surrounding a bench, upon closer inspection the focus of attention was this young lady with her guitar... I took a couple of street photos and then chatted for awhile... She didn't say much but I talked to a guy named Tona, who told me that he had recently produced a music CD for her, telling me that she is an excellent musician and song writer... Throughout all this the scene was semi-mayhem and very random, and I still took a few more photos anyway, even as the guy with the cigarette picked up the guitar (I think he is her boyfriend *shrugs*)... I think her first name is Michelle from the conversation I did pick up on, and I didn't buy the CD yet but I do have Tona's e-mail address to contact him... And besides isn't her outfit just fabulous... So did everyone follow all of this? Text copied from my original Flickr post in 2008, I went on to stay in casual contact with Matthew (guitar), Michelle, and Tona Walt...
  7. Another 2008 photo, some of my early beginnings of street photography... I spotted her while at a local Turkish Festival, also talked with her for awhile after I took the photo, in some ways I think this time period is some of my best street photography, it seems sometimes that I don't spot street shots in the same way I did back then...

    © James Tworow

  8. A small fall fair here in Calgary on the weekend, doing a little street photography...

    © James Tworow

  9. A street portrait from a few years ago, on a rather chilly winter day in Calgary at a bus stop...

    © James Tworow

  10. © James Tworow

  11. © by James Tworow

  12. From a top of Bowness the Calgary downtown core peaks.

    © Non-Commercial Use

  13. © Chris Attrell

  14. CLouds in the sky over Calgary

    © Chris Attrell