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Found 12 results

  1. Downtown Toronto Yonge Street & Elm St.
  2. Historic Dineen Building located at 140 Yonge St.
  3. Sorry Chris, when I switched computers back in January I lost track of this website... Here's a quick street photo, but can't hang out for long tonight...
  4. An interesting street encounter from back in 2008... As I walked up Stephen Avenue I saw a fairly large crowd of folks surrounding a bench, upon closer inspection the focus of attention was this young lady with her guitar... I took a couple of street photos and then chatted for awhile... She didn't say much but I talked to a guy named Tona, who told me that he had recently produced a music CD for her, telling me that she is an excellent musician and song writer... Throughout all this the scene was semi-mayhem and very random, and I still took a few more photos anyway, even as the guy with the cigarette picked up the guitar (I think he is her boyfriend *shrugs*)... I think her first name is Michelle from the conversation I did pick up on, and I didn't buy the CD yet but I do have Tona's e-mail address to contact him... And besides isn't her outfit just fabulous... So did everyone follow all of this? Text copied from my original Flickr post in 2008, I went on to stay in casual contact with Matthew (guitar), Michelle, and Tona Walt...
  5. Another 2008 photo, some of my early beginnings of street photography... I spotted her while at a local Turkish Festival, also talked with her for awhile after I took the photo, in some ways I think this time period is some of my best street photography, it seems sometimes that I don't spot street shots in the same way I did back then...

    © James Tworow

  6. A street portrait from a few years ago, on a rather chilly winter day in Calgary at a bus stop...

    © James Tworow

  7. © James Tworow