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Found 189 results

  1. © Chris Attrell

  2. Chris Attrell

    © Chris Attrell

  3. My hometown.

    © © St. Cyr Fine-Art Photography ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  4. Aneroid when there were 5 elevators there. Off the #13 SK HWY made this near what looks to be a cow trodden path.

    © © 2016 St. Cyr Fine-Art Photography, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  5. 1979 photo by Stu McRae The steel of The Grand Trunk was laid on the Lewvan Sub in the summer of 1911. The first building to go up was the general store followed by the community hall, a restaurant and the railway station...all in 1911. The hamlet effectively closed in 1966 with the closing of the station in 1965 followed by the 1966 closing of the store,post office,centralized school and the oil agency. In 1979 the only remaining business was the Pool elevator with the agent's family as the only residents. In this photo looking north-west towards Regina down the weed covered tracks can be seen the CN tool shed and a 'speeder' out front. The Pool elevator throws a shadow across the tracks. From what I can find out, the rail line was officially abandoned in 1995. The spur line south to Weyburn-Radville was torn up in 1992 and the steel from the Lewvan Sub was taken out in 2009. The hamlet of 'Lewvan' had the same fate as Talmage but the name 'Lewvan' lives on as the roadbed at the northern terminus became the present Lewvan Drive in Regina. Roger McRae
  6. Saskatchewan timelapse of the creepiest abandoned places!
  7. Saskatchewan timelapse of storms, lightning and tornadoes!
  8. Saskatchewan timelapse of nice skies
  9. A cute little snake in Saskatchewan
  10. The grain elevator in Riverhurst being demolished March 2010
  11. It's missing the corner!
  12. Inside an abandoned church in Saskatchewan
  13. A winter day in Saskatchewan with a collapsed barn.
  14. An old abandoned church during the northern lights.
  15. A mean storm with an oil derrick in forground
  16. Milky way over a fallen barn in Saskatchewan
  17. An abandoned house in Saskatchewan that has seen better days.
  18. It is sunset time in Saskatchewan
  19. A pair of wonderful grain elevators in Saskatchewan!
  20. © Chris Attrell