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Found 18 results

  1. A snowy night in Calgary, in the Kensington shopping district...
  2. From a vintage photo album I acquired this past weekend, all photos from it were taken in Saskatchewan... Photos aren't very sharp, but I believe they were all taken during the 1920's...
  3. A photo from a collection I acquired, the family farmed in the Shackleton area of Saskatchewan...
  4. 1919 photo of Connaught Tunnel in the Rogers Pass region...
  5. Scanned from a vintage negative, I have 220 negatives from the same family source, I purchased them recently...
  6. One vintage Saskatchewan photo, nowhere near where I'm headed next week, the village/town of Storthoaks, with that classic Bombardier snow machine...
  7. I wanted to go for a walk on Lake Minnewanka on the way back from Lake Louise... As I was photographing the red chairs, these ladies arrived... I asked politely, and got this photo...

    © James Tworow

  8. Lake Louise, on the Sunday morning of Ice Magic weekend in January 2015... The mountains are back there somewhere...

    © James Tworow

  9. © Chris Attrell

  10. © Chris Attrell

  11. © Chris Attrell

  12. © Chris Attrell

  13. © Chris Attrell

  14. © Chris Attrell

  15. © Chris Attrell

  16. © Chris Attrell

  17. Near Eastend, Sk

    © Chris Attrell

  18. A cold winter in Saskatchewan. Superb, SK

    © Chris Attrell