Top 16 Ghost Towns In Manitoba

Next time you are ready for a road trip in Manitoba, consider visiting one of these ghost towns.

Some may have residents living there so be considerate and remember that even if they appear to be abandoned buildings, someone may own them.

Map Of Manitoba Ghost Towns

Bradwardine, MB – A neat town with a grain elevator and a old bank vault.

Cardale, MB – A whole bunch of buildings to shoot including a neat school.

Decker, MB – The town still has residents but is filled with interesting buildings to photograph.

Elva, MB – What makes this town so neat is the 2 unique older style grain elevators.

Griswold, MB – Right along the trans-canada highway, this town has a nice variety of buildings to shoot.

Harding, MB – Has a neat garage and store still.

Holmfield, MB – barely a ghost town, but the buildings are so cool and not in use anymore.

Kirkella, MB – Not much to see, but the Church is worth it!

Lauder, MB – Was recently the most eerie ghost town in Manitoba, but I heard some buildings got torn down.

Lenore, MB – An amazing grain elevator and old gas station.

Lyleton, MB – Old grain elevator and some old stores. Neat place!

McConnell, MB – A really neat Church and a grain elevator make this place worth visiting.

Napinka, MB – Great Church, grain elevators and other buildings.

Ruthenia, MB – Neat building and Church highlight this town. Photo by Doug L Brown

Snowflake, MB – Grain elevators and lots of buildings.

Tilston, MB – A pair of grain elevators and main street filled with abandoned bliss.

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  1. This is very cool. I guess you consider cardake a ghost town. But there still are people living there. Has a really neat church that is still used and the old store is now gone. People bought it and moved it.

  2. Lynn Foster-Turner

    I grew up in Napinka,been away over 50 years but it initially was a big railway intersection of several lines.A busy little farming community in my time Love these pictures but so nostalgic and heart wrenching for we former residents.
    My great Grandparents re buried in Lyleton cemetery and my Father was born there!

  3. Archie campbell

    I grew up in the Harding and Bradwardine and Lenore area familiar with some of the buildings specially the garage in Harding , that was the old Fred mcCahan garage when I was young. There several old buildings in this area of old importance. Including the old Harding Agriculture building in the fair grounds and the Terry Shurvel John Deere building up the street from the garage

  4. Lisa Vanbeselaere

    Napinka’s church has been taking down and Lauder had a grass fire that got away and lost a few places and it was its 125 last year and a lot more had been cleaned up. The rink collapsed during the March storm this year.

  5. When you grow up in one of these towns and you know the wonderful people who made the little community great, i find it sad to see all the harmful drugs and killings in large centers and these little towns are ghost towns were these thing were not thought of!

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