Top 10 Ghost Towns In Alberta

Next time you are ready for a road trip in Alberta consider visiting one of these ghost towns.

Some may have residents living there, so be considerate and remember that even if they appear to be abandoned buildings, someone may own them.

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Bankhead, Alberta – Near Banff, this place has lots of great photo opps. It is now a park sort of.

Del Bonita – In southern Alberta, Canada within Cardston County. It is located approximately 49 km south of Magrath at the junction of Highway 62 and Highway 501. Not a real ghost town, but lots of abandoned bliss to enjoy. Photo By Cody Kapcsos.

Dorothy, Alberta – The town is a gem and it is located in the badlands. My fav ghost town ever.

Esther, Alberta – Has a grain elevator and a few other buildings. Just east of here is the border town of Loverna, SK which is also worth seeing.

Esther, Alberta

Heinsburg, Alberta – A hamlet in central Alberta, Canada within the County of St. Paul No. 19. It is located approximately 21 kilometers north of Highway 45 and 66 kilometers northwest of Lloydminster. Has a handful of good abandoned places.

Heinsburg, Alberta

Hilda, Alberta – NE of Medicine Hat by the Sask border, this town offers photographers many cool photo opps.

HIlda, Alberta

Orion, Alberta – This town has a few good buildings left. In fact most towns along highway 61 are ghost town worthy.

Rowley, Alberta – Possibly the best of them. Lots to see, and has restored grain elevators and train station.

Rowley, Alberta

Wardlow, Alberta – Just ruins of this old building. Photo by Jon Dirks.

Wardlow, Alberta

Wrentham, AB – A few buildings and this pair of grain elevators.

Wrentham, AB

If you have any more towns that you think should be added, please send a photo and some info and will add it and include a site or social media page to tag.

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