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Welcome To The Chris Attrell Photo Class User Panel!

First of all, thank you for taking my class. I really hope you enjoyed it!

On the page you will find:

1)  My Facebook group that I created so you can share your photos & get insights into photos that I took. Also, my photography pages are listed, if you want to Like them.

2) Photos used in my classes, so you can see them again.

3) List of the software and equipment that I promote in my class.

Further, I will be posting more and more articles this summer, especially my ‘How I Did It’ posts which explain not just the camera settings I used, but why, and the details on how I achieved the result. 

Again, thank you!

Chris Attrell

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A Canadian photo sharing group. Photography related tricks tips and advance will be posted regularly. This is a great place to share your photos and g...

Here is the list of camera accessories that I recommend for beginner photographers! Most of these can be purchased at your local camera store, London Drugs, Staples, Bestbuy etc.

Prime Lenses





Night Photography Lenses – These can be used for great landscapes as well.




Tripods – Any ballhead tripod that can hold enough weight is recommended.

Software – For editing photos.


Intervalometers – Link to most popular camera brands on $35+

Yongnuo 360II – The amazing portable light wand.