Ray’s Ride – How I Did It!

The photograph above was taken in August 2017 near Moose Jaw, SK at about 2:30 AM just after the moon has set. You can see a couple streaks of light in the distance from traffic on highway 1. I had already been here during the day to look for hazards and figure out how I […]

The Rule Of Thirds

This short film covers the Rule Of Thirds - one of the easiest ways to make a big difference to your photo composition. Divide the viewfinder with two imaginary vertical and horizontal lines so it's now in thirds. By placing points of interest along these lines or where they meet your composition will often be [...]

Symmetry and Asymmetry

There is something quite soothing to a symmetrical photograph. As humans, we’re drawn to symmetry in the objects all around us. And using that concept in your photographs is a great way to create images that connect with people. But at the same time, asymmetrical photos can have an element of mystery that symmetrical photos [...]

Using Foregrounds

Frame Within a Frame

Leading Lines

Leading lines refers to a technique of composition where the viewer of your photos attention is drawn to lines that lead to the main subject of the image.



Textures Patterns and Shapes

How to photograph texture. In this easy video we will discuss the best lighting to use when you are photographing texture and how to use texture to tell a story about a subject.

The Rule of Odds

THE RULE OF ODDS – PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPOSITION In the world of photography, there are many different techniques and systems meant to aid the photographer in capturing effective imagery. Depending on your photographic experience you may have heard of the Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Mean, which are both intended to assist the photographer in [...]

Filling the frame