The Rule Of Thirds

This short film covers the Rule Of Thirds – one of the easiest ways to make a big difference to your photo composition. Divide the viewfinder with two imaginary vertical and horizontal lines so it’s now in thirds. Continue reading “The Rule Of Thirds”

Symmetry and Asymmetry

There is something quite soothing to a symmetrical photograph. As humans, we’re drawn to symmetry in the objects all around us. And using that concept in your photographs is a great way to create images that connect with people. Continue reading “Symmetry and Asymmetry”

Leading Lines

Leading lines composition technique is the easiest to understand and apply in landscape photography.

In fact, we compose some photographs using leading lines unknowingly! You may have done that too, it comes to us naturally. Our subconscious mind clicks and imagines the images based on these leading lines. Continue reading “Leading Lines”

Textures Patterns and Shapes

How to photograph texture. In this easy video we will discuss the best lighting to use when you are photographing texture and how to use texture to tell a story about a subject. Continue reading “Textures Patterns and Shapes”

The Rule of Odds


In the world of photography, there are many different techniques and systems meant to aid the photographer in capturing effective imagery. Depending on your photographic experience you may have heard of the Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Mean, which are both intended to assist the photographer in creating dynamic imagery through composition. A lesser known technique that can be an equally as useful consideration is the Rule of Odds. In brief, this short article will discuss the Rule of Odds in composition and how you can leverage it in your own photography to create compelling images. Continue reading “The Rule of Odds”