Light Pillars: How I Did This

Taken in Valentines Day 2018 at Shaunavon, I noticed the wind and low cloud coverage was creating pillars of light over town with snow particles.



  • Camera is in M (Manual Mode)
  • ISO was set to 800
  • Aperture was set to f/4.0
  • SHutter was 8 seconds long

Post Processing (In less than 5 minutes)

  • Using Adobe Lightroom, I first straighten the photo with the auto-straighten feature.
  • I then cropped the photo
  • Add +50 on the contrast slider
  • On the highlights slider, I went down -50 points.
  • Add 20 points to the whites
  • Subtracted 20 points in blacks
  • Added 30 to the clarity slider
  • Added 15 points to both vibrancy and saturation
  • Added very little sharpening
  • Put noise reduction to 25 points and color to 50
  • I used a brush on the bottom half of the image to add exposure and shadows.

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