Ray’s Ride – How I Did It!

The photograph above was taken in August 2017 near Moose Jaw, SK at about 2:30 AM just after the moon has set.

You can see a couple streaks of light in the distance from traffic on highway 1.

I had already been here during the day to look for hazards and figure out how I wanted to shoot this place.



  • Camera is in M (Manual Mode)
  • ISO set to 1600 since there wasn’t any more moonlight
  • Shutter speed is set to 30 seconds mostly so I had enough time to run around lighting everything myself
  • Aperture is f/2.8 to let in as much light as possible
  • I left white balance to auto
  • I put my lens on manual focus mode and since the Tokina lens has infinity, I was able to use that to get everything in focus.

The Process

  • First I composed my shot and used my flashlight to make sure they were all balanced properly in my viewfinder.
  • I then fired the shutter button and first walked over to the car where my body was hidden from the camera and placed my arm inside and light the inside of the car for 2 seconds.
  • Then I walked into the house and light the inside with my warm yellow flashlight and light the inside for about 3 seconds.
  • I exited the house and once I was out of the area in the exposure, I softly lite the entire area in my image to fill in the shadows.


  • It took 8 tries to get it right.
  • Although I checked for all hazards, I did fall once.
  • If I had someone with me I would have had enough time to light the taillights for 1/2 second each to light them up too.

Post Processing

I used Adobe Lightroom to process this image.

  • First things I did was use the straighten tool in Lightroom and cropped the photo.
  • Increased contrast just a bit.
  • Brought down the highlights to put texture back in the clouds
  • Increased the shadows quite a bit and some white
  • The clarity took was also increased about 75 spots.
  • In the tone curve, in upped the darks, lights and shadows about half way.
  • In the Detail panel I sharpened to about 60 and added noise reduction.
  • In the color panel I increased the luminance of yellow, orange, red & purple and toned down the saturation of green and yellow.

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