Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan

Next time you are ready for a road trip in Saskatchewan consider visiting one of these ghost towns.

Some may have residents living there, so be considerate and remember that even if they appear to be abandoned buildings, someone may own them.

Admiral, SK – Located deep in SW Sask., Admiral still has residents, but it is well known for having 3 churches, a grain elevator and other buildings.

Admiral, SK

Alvena, SK – Located just NE of Saskatoon, this town has a neat church and other buildings. The Co-op is still in operation, but it is a neat town for old buildings. The next town over is called Smuts, which itself is worth visiting.

Alvena, SK

Aneroid, SK –  On highway 13, SW of Moose Jaw. There are still a lot of residents left, but this town is a fraction of what it used to be. Lots to photograph.

By Andrew Filer

Arelee, SK – About an hour west of Saskatoon this town has a neat old church and some buildings along main street.

Arelee, SK

Bents, SK – This town is about an hour SW of Saskatoon and is on private property. If you can get permission to visit, it has a grain elevator, store, and other buildings to photograph.

Bents, SK

Bromhead, SK – Located in the deep south central part of Saskatchewan, this town has 2 grain elevators left, in addition to other neat buildings.

Bromhead, SK

Dummer, SK – Located about an hour south of Regina, this place has plenty to shoot including this neat house.

Dummer, SK

Ernfold, SK – Located less than a half hour east of Swift Current, it has a church, school and other neat buildings.

Ernfold, SK

Fir Mountain, SK – Located in the deep south of Saskatchewan, it has a great feeling of isolation. Not a lot of buildings, but the location is very interesting.

Fir Mountain, SK

Fusilier, SK – Located right along the Alberta border, west of Kerrobert, SK, this town has a grain elevator and some other buildings.

Fusilier, SK

Girvin, SK – Located between Regina and Saskatoon, this place has some really nice buildings and is easy to access.

Girvin, SK

Horizon, SK – Located on highway 13 in southern Saskatchewan, this town has a pair of wonderful grain elevators, including one with the classic Wheat Pool logo. The church is rather nice as well.

Horizon, SK

Jedburgh, SK – A bit west of Yorkton, this town has a neat church and many buildings worth photographing. It is also a very nice area to be in with all the trees.

Jedburgh, SK

Kayville, SK – South of Moose Jaw, this town has 2 churches, a grain elevator and many old buildings. A delight to visit!

Kayville, SK

Krydor, SK – Over an hour NE of Saskatoon in one of the prettiest areas of Saskatchewan. A nice church and other neat buildings await you.

Krydor, SK

Loverna, SK – Right on the Alberta border, this town used to be the classic ghost town. It still has many buildings and is a joy to photograph.

Loverna, SK

Neidpath, SK – About a half hour east of Swift Current is a cute little town in a valley. It has 2 amazing grain elevators and a couple of neat building to photograph.

Neidpath, SK

Peterson, SK – Just west of Humboldt, SK, this town has a grain elevator, neat church and some other buildings. The swamp around that town is great too.

Peterson, SK

Robsart, SK – Please note: Trespassing in this town is prohibited. The owners do not want people to enter these buildings. Otherwise, it is still a great town to photograph respectfully and without causing headaches for property owners. I first visited in 2003; things have changed a bit, but it still is neat place!

Robsart, SK

Springwater, SK – A cute little town west of Biggar, with many historical buildings to photograph, including a church and livery barn.

Springwater, SK

Tyvan, SK – This adorable little town has many buildings to photograph and is so easy to get to. About an hour SE of Regina.

Tyvan, SK

West Bend, SK – Much to see here, one of the best. Rumor has it the school has been, or is going to be, torn down.

West Bend, SK

Whitkow, SK – North of North Battleford, this place has a church, grain elevator and an old store.

Whitkow, SK
By Chris Attrell

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  1. I have recently started publishing an eMail NEWS letter for the Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan. We think this is better than simply expecting people to search for information on our web. I am interested in publishing occasional stories in the NEWS about abandoned communities, farmsteads and buildings, along with local history. We would need images. Can I put you on our distribution list?

    Al Gill, Past President
    Architectural Heritage Society
    of Saskatchewan

  2. Tyvan, is any thing but a Ghost Town. The town is really spread out, main street, all buildings are boarded up, while also some on the out skirts. the other half of the town is still alive. I have a write-up on Ghost Towns, “Saskatchewan Memories” Face Book.

  3. I used to live in conquest. but now live in UK. some of my family still live in the area. we go back a few generations. would love to see any old buildings. maybe I lived in one of them

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