Ghost Towns Of Alberta

Below is a map of ghost towns in Alberta. I made a list of my top 10 ghost towns for photographers.

Always respect trespassing laws and remember that most of these buildings do belong to someone.

Heinsburg, AB – Lots of main street abandoned stuff to shoot and a great wooden train water tower.

Heinsburg, AB

Esther, AB – Has a grain elevator and many old commercial buildings to shoot.

Esther, Alberta by grazer
Rowley, AB – 3 grain elevators, a train station and so many cool, abandoned places to shoot.
Rowley, AB
Bankhead, AB – A former mining town that has plenty of buildings and ruins.
Lower Bankhead
Dorothy, AB – 2 churches, a store and a grain elevator.
Dorothy, AB
Hilda, AB – A main street that is almost all abandoned and a grain elevator.
Hilda, AB
Relaw, AB – A church and a few buildings.
Retlaw, AB

Orion, AB – A few old buildings and homes. Half of the towns east of here on the highway are semi ghost towns.

Orion, AB
Del Bonita, AB – Has some rather nice buildings to shoot.
Del Bonita, AB
Cadomin, AB – Lots of ruins in a nice part of Alberta.
Cadomin, AB
By Chris Attrell

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