Top 18 Grain Elevators In Saskatchewan

In the map below are pretty much all the remaining wooden grain elevators in Saskatchewan. Below the map I’ve also included the top 18 grain elevators that would be of interest to photographers. These either are in really pretty spots, are really old and have a decrepit feel to them, or have original logos on them.

Since they are being torn or burned down quickly I would recommend you get out and shoot as many as you can before they are gone.

Aberdeen, SK – Has a classic Wheat Pool logo!

Aberdeen, SK

Brooking, SK – In bad shape and right in the middle of nowhere!

Brooking, SK

Coleville, SK – Has an original Wheat Pool logo

Coleville, SK

Dankin, SK –  a pair of classic elevators.

Dankin, SK

Dunleath, SK – Perfect Federal elevator

Dunleath, SK

Dunleath, SK

Elbow, SK – Nice Wheat Pool logo

Elbow, SK

Elbow, SK

Feudal, SK – A nice elevator in classic red

Feudal, SK

Frobisher, SK – Has a UGG logo on it!

Frobisher, SK

Hagen, SK – Pretty elevator with annex.

Hagen, SK

Hepburn, SK – This is now a neat museum north of Saskatoon.

Hepburn, SK

Horizon, SK – Two fantastic elevators with logos.

Horizon, SK

Lake Valley, SK – A UGG Elevator

Lake Valley, SK

Lepine, SK – A pair of pretty elevators in a field.

Lepine, SK

Neelby, SK – A leaning grain elevator

Neelby, SK

Neidpath, SK – A pair of former Pioneer elevators.

Neidpath, SK

North Battleford, SK – It is now part of a museum.

North Battleford, SK

Stony Beach, SK – Colorful Wheat Pool elevator.

Stony Beach, SK

Whitkow, SK – Pretty elevator in a pretty little semi-ghost town.

Whitkow, SK

Superb, SK – White elevator with original Wheat Pool logo

Superb, SK

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