Top 10 Grain Elevators In Manitoba

There are about 100 wooden grain elevators remaining in Manitoba. This list is the top 10 of interest to photographers based on how they look, where they are located, and whether they have original logos on them. Old wooden grain elevators are being torn or burned down regularly; these are the ones you should visit before they are gone.

Which grain elevator is your favorite? 

Winnipegosis, MB – Classic National Grain Elevator
Winnipegosis By
Inglis, MB – A must see! The last row of 5 anywhere in Canada.
Inglis, MB

McConnell, MB – A nice pair in a ghost town

McConnell, MB

Harmsworth, MB – 5 Roses grain elevator!

Harmsworth, MB

Tilston, MB – A pair of grain elevators with faded logos.

Tilston, MB

Elva, MB – I’m told this is the oldest grain elevator in Canada. Pre 1900.

Elva, MB

Snowflake, MB – There are 2 grain elevators with faded logos here.

Snowflake, MB

Holland, MB – A unique Paterson Grain Elevator! I’m told I’ve got lots of distant relatives here (Sundell).

Holland, MB
Barnsley, MB – Another nice pair with faded logos
Barnsley, MB

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  1. Love these Old Grain Elevators..I used to live in Carey Manitoba..with the 1 left standing..I’s a Pioneer..Orange..used to be 3 of them..but can’t find them..2 Pools and 1 Pioneer..I’m trying to paint them ..from Memory..Tks for Sharing..

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