Top 20 Grain Elevators In Alberta

Check out the top 20 grain elevators in Alberta to photograph. These elevators are judged on how interesting they are to a photographer based on original logos, appearance and environment. I started shooting grain elevators in Alberta in 2001 just as they increased the frequency of demolition and painting over logos.

Many of these elevators are now museums or have been restored, some are in ghost towns and some in the middle of nowhere.

Hope you enjoy! And feel free to let me know what is your favorite grain elevator to photograph.

Top 20 Grain Elevators In Alberta

Acadia Valley – Has a Wheat Pool logo and is now a museum.

Acadia Valley

Big Valley, AB – Also has a nice train station to shoot.

Big Valley, AB

Castor, AB – Now part of a museum

Castor, AB

Dorothy, AB – Located in the beautiful Drumheller valley with 2 pretty restored churches nearby.

Dorothy, AB

Esther, AB – A classic old wooden style elevator in a ghost town.

Esther, AB

Herronton, AB – Has the classic green color and Wheat Pool logo

Herronton, AB

Hilda, SK – A unique grain elevator in Alberta, and is in a semi-ghost town.

Hilda, SK

Kinuso, AB – Old style UGG logo that you can’t find anywhere else.

Kinuso, AB

Mayerthorpe, AB – It has been saved and preserved.

Mayerthorpe, AB

Meeting Creek, AB – Now part of a museum. You get 2 elevators and a train station in a pretty town.

Meeting Creek, AB

Mossleigh, AB – 3 grain elevators in a row! One has since been painted.

Mossleigh, AB

Nanton, AB – Saved and now part of the museum. I like the orange colors.

Nanton, AB

Paradise Valley, AB – Saved and is now a museum.

Paradise Valley, AB by Vanishing Sentinels

Poe, AB – A decrepit elevator worth of spending time shooting.

Poe, AB

Raley, AB – Oldest elevator in Alberta and has a pretty mountain background

Raley, AB

Rowley, AB – 3 elevators in a fantastic, preserved ghost town.

Rowley, AB

Scandia, AB – The town preserved this grain elevator for everyone to enjoy!

Scandia, AB

Spruce Grove, AB – A grain elevator museum and you can go inside when it is open.

Spruce Grove, AB

St Albert, AB – Now a museum

St Albert, AB

Wrentham, AB – 2 grain elevators, one of which is being preserved.

Wrentham, AB

To find more grain elevators in Alberta, check out the grain elevator expert Jim Pearson at Vanishing Sentinals.

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