20 Abandoned Churches In Rural Saskatchewan

There are numerous rural Churches in Saskatchewan, most of which were built in the early years of Saskatchewan becoming a province.  Continue reading “20 Abandoned Churches In Rural Saskatchewan”

Light Pillars: How I Did This

Taken in Valentines Day 2018 at Shaunavon, I noticed the wind and low cloud coverage was creating pillars of light over town with snow particles.

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Top 10 Grain Elevators In Manitoba

There are about 100 wooden grain elevators remaining in Manitoba. This list is the top 10 of interest to photographers based on how they look, where they are located, and whether they have original logos on them. Old wooden grain elevators are being torn or burned down regularly; these are the ones you should visit before they are gone.

Which grain elevator is your favorite?  Continue reading “Top 10 Grain Elevators In Manitoba”

Top 18 Grain Elevators In Saskatchewan

In the map below are pretty much all the remaining wooden grain elevators in Saskatchewan. Below the map I’ve also included the top 18 grain elevators that would be of interest to photographers. These either are in really pretty spots, are really old and have a decrepit feel to them, or have original logos on them. Continue reading “Top 18 Grain Elevators In Saskatchewan”

What Is Metering?

What is Metering – and is it Relevant in 2018?

Modern age, modern tools, modern masters; the only thing that stays unchanged is the rules of the game. One of the ignored rules in the age of eye-popping megapixels, higher dynamic ranges, and fine post-processing is the metering. Yet, it is one of the tools that separate the men from the boys, the best from the rest.

Metering – defined in simple terms – is reading the amount of light to correctly expose an image. Continue reading “What Is Metering?”

Top 20 Grain Elevators In Alberta

Check out the top 20 grain elevators in Alberta to photograph. These elevators are judged on how interesting they are to a photographer based on original logos, appearance and environment. I started shooting grain elevators in Alberta in 2001 just as they increased the frequency of demolition and painting over logos.

Many of these elevators are now museums or have been restored, some are in ghost towns and some in the middle of nowhere.

Hope you enjoy! And feel free to let me know what is your favorite grain elevator to photograph.

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What Is Shutter Priority Mode?


What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is one of the three supports of photography, the other two being Aperture and ISO. If capturing drama is your idea of photography, then working on shutter speed is something you should focus on. Do not get bogged down by the technicalities of photography every time – focus on exploring your creative side. Just learn the basics of three exposure elements and you are good to go! Continue reading “What Is Shutter Priority Mode?”

Shooting In Aperture Priority Mode

What is Aperture?

A photograph exposure is surrounded by a pyramid – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Just how a triangle has all sides equal, every feature of the exposure holds equal rank. Aperture is the deciding factor which allows the light to enter the camera. It is a small hole that allows the light to pass through the camera. Therefore, it ultimately defines the brightness and depth of field of an image. Depth of field determines the sharpness or blurriness of an image. Aperture is measured using the F-stop function. On your camera, you will see ‘f/’ followed by a number. Doctors would relate to the term aperture more aptly because it functions exactly like the pupil of a human eye. Continue reading “Shooting In Aperture Priority Mode”

Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan

Next time you are ready for a road trip in Saskatchewan consider visiting one of these ghost towns.

Some may have residents living there, so be considerate and remember that even if they appear to be abandoned buildings, someone may own them.

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Ghost Towns Of Alberta

Below is a map of ghost towns in Alberta. I made a list of my top 10 ghost towns for photographers.

Always respect trespassing laws and remember that most of these buildings do belong to someone.

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